Song of the Kauri has been over five years in the making.

A Laurie Williams Kauri violin

A Laurie Williams Kauri violin

I have had 3 children and built a house over that time. The world has undergone myriad changes and the glaciers are melting. In just over 10 times that time frame a Kauri forest would be ready to harvest. Song of the Kauri has been an amazing journey full of friends and adventures, songs and challenges.

Now it’s on the screen, set free finally to tell it’s story. I was entrusted to tell this story and am humbled by the challenge. The characters are here inside the film, forever embedded into the landscape that is motion pictures.

A documentary should enchant and entertain but it should also question and incite revolution. It should cry out for those who can’t hear, it should support the voices of those who can’t speak. SOTK has a quiet voice, a singsong voice, a voice from the past and a voice of the future. Aotearoa is calling. Please take our film and let it travel a part of the road with you.

Mathurin Molgat, director
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Meet people from the film

  • Song of the Kauri found Dave long before production began. The film strolled into his life by way of a long friendship with director Mathurin Molgat.

  • John is a Dunedin based field recorder with over 25 years of experience in all forms of sound recording and production.

  • Director of Photography, Cinematographer. Swami Hansa was operating a camera in 1962, the day TV began broadcasting in Dunedin, New Zealand.

  • Director and producer Mathurin Molgat has been involved in the NZ film industry since 1985. He was the screen lead in the 1987 cult film The Leading Edge.

  • Eden is a guitarist and and songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand. Eden plays a Laurie Williams Kiwi guitar made of native New Zealand timber.

  • Michael (University of New Mexico), the only person to win both the American Fingerstyle Championships and the Classical Performance Award.

  • Miranda is the Associate Concert Master with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. She was born in Dunedin and studied with Pamela Bryce, Elsa Jensen and Charmain Gadd.

  • Keith is a writer, wine specialist, radio host and storyteller. His family has a long history with Kauri and New Zealand forestry.

  • George is a New Zealand investor with a long history of financial entrepreneurship. He was a funds management director and is involved with PGC, Torchlight, Heartland Bank and many more.

  • Jackson is an American musician and political activist. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Songwriters Hall of Fame and was the recipient of the [...]

  • Laurie Williams is New Zealand’s premiere luthier. He lives in the Far North of New Zealand and uses native tone wood in his guitars.

  • Ngati Maniapoto, musician. Tiki Taane is a New Zealand musician and former member of leading New Zealand band Salmonella Dub.

  • Karamea Davis is a farmer and kaitiaki from the Far North of New Zealand. His forest block, Waingarara is a haven for native trees and medicinal plants.

  • Editor Annie Collins worked on the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and won awards for her editing work on Scarfies and Out of the Blue.