Nigel Gavin, Musician

Nigel Gavin, Musician

Nigel is a multi instrumentalist who has toured the world for over 25 years playing solo concerts, raging Tango, Manouche Jazz, Rock, Klezmer and every style imaginable. He has performed with Robert Fripp, Nairobi Trio, The Jews Bros, Beach, Bravura, Neon Quaver, Gittbox Rebellion, the Henrys, the Fondue Set…

Nigel plays a custom designed 7 string Matariki Kauri guitar made by Laurie Williams. Nigel is the live film score in SOTK where he punctuates and amplifies the voice of the mighty Kauri. Nigel and director Mathurin Molgat have performed together many times over the 25 something years of their friendship.

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Mathurin has been involved in the New Zealand film industry since 1985. Song of the Kauri is his documentary directorial debut and he has surrounded himself with a stellar cast of uniquely talented people who are all impassioned by this project and share a common vision to tell this story. More about Mathurin

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